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 Clay Sculptor-Vinnetti's Sculpting Artists design and create anything from miniature sculptures to life size plus statues. From personal busts to public monuments, Vinnetti's sculptors deliver original works of art complete with all desired details.

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Clay Sculptor

Clay Sculptor

Sculpting Artist

Clay Artist

Clay Sculpting Artist

Clay Sculptor

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Essentially anything imaginable can be designed or transformed into a bronze or metal item.  Vinnetti's specializes in fine art sculptures, memorials, statues, monuments, awards, plaques, trophies, and treasure chests.  These products have a variety of recipients from individuals to corporate to public venues.



At Vinnetti's, we pride ourselves on being capable of providing a full service experience to our clients.  While each project is unique to itself, we provide consultation, design, sculpting, mold making, casting,  fabrication, patinafication, and custom base installs.


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Vinnetti's Art Gallery

All original, limited works of art. From hand carved sculptures to wall size oil paintings, our online gallery is sure to house that significant piece.

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Lost Wax Casting

Not only can we transform your clay or wax sculpture into a timeless material, but we can also create a reusable master to produce multiple copies with uniform detail.

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While we create our own works of art, we also sculpt nearly anything for custom pieces.  These pieces can be casted in various metal materials to suit any need.

Clay Sculptor

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No matter the delivery method, Vinnetti's prepares every completed project for transit with custom packing and crating.  The significant weight of nearly every project creates the need for secure packing and crating specific to each piece ensuring safe travels.

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Transport relationships and experience are essential to selecting the proper method of transit for a completed project. Depending on size, weight, and final destination, Vinnetti's takes care of all stages of the shipping process ensure the pieces arrive the same way they left.

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Many projects such as public monuments require assembly and/or on site installation.  In these cases, Vinnetti's takes care of all transportation, assembly, and installation in the continental U.S. to ensure a seamless process on our clients.

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