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Vinnetti's Bronze Foundry Products

From over sized public monuments to custom casted awards, Vinnetti's thrives on grasping our clients and artists vision and seeing it through to the final product.

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Public Monuments

Bronze Monument Makers Products

 Using lost wax and sand casting techniques, Vinnetti's offers a complete service for almost any public monument project. From sculpting an original work of art, to transport and installation, our team of skilled artisans make these large projects effortless for our clients.


Attention to detail in form and texture, combined with knowledge of classic and contemporary materials, are essential to delivering a quality finish.



Bronze Statues

Bronze Statue Makers Products

Statues come in an array of size and detail.  From desk top size to larger than life, Vinnetti's can create the original sculpture, or transform a project into a timeless piece.

Each of our sculptures are hand crafted and require complex craftsmanship, cutting, modeling, welding, aging treatment, coloring, and a protective coating. When developing an exclusive piece, vision and standards are what sets art work apart.





Bronze Fine Art Sculptures Products

Bronze chests are one of our unique specialties. Our chests are solid Bronze, lined with hardwood, complete with lock and key, and built to last an eternity.

Treasure Chests

Bronze Treasure Chest Makers Products

Each chest goes through our aging process giving them the look and feel of an ancient piece.


Custom Trophies

Bronze Products Trophies

Custom made trophies can be created to tailor to any themed occasion and made from varies metals.  We often craft one of a kind trophies and reproduce them for each clients demand. All our trophies are a solid cast, made from the best materials.

Our awards can be created for any special event and made in quantity.


Bronze Awards Products

Poured as a solid cast, each award receives a custom base and is polished to a mirror finish.

Casted memorials and plaques are hand crafted and can be installed in remembrance of ones legacy or personal achievements. Our public monuments and memorial installations are engineered to be inferior to any public tampering or destruction.


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Bronze Foundry Products

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