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Vinnetti's provides fine art bronze foundry services through out the country.  Whether its for one of our artists or a public monument, VInnetti's provides a full service experience complete with delivery and/or installation.

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bronze foundry service area

Bronze Foundry Nashville TN

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Essentially anything imaginable can be designed or transformed into a bronze or metal item.  Vinnetti's specializes in fine art sculptures, memorials, statues, monuments, awards, plaques, trophies, and treasure chests.  These products have a variety of recipients from individuals to corporate to public venues.


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At Vinnetti's, we pride ourselves on being capable of providing a full service experience to our clients.  While each project is unique to itself, we provide consultation, design, sculpting, mold making, casting,  fabrication, patinafication, and custom base installs.


Bronze Foundry InstallationInstallation

Many projects such as public monuments require assembly and/or on site installation.  In these cases, Vinnetti's takes care of all transportation, assembly, and installation in the continental U.S. to ensure a seamless process on our clients.


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bronze foundry service area