Lost Wax Casting and Design Company

Vinnetti's provides high quality casting services for both custom designs and multiple orders. In addition, we create original, limited works of art that can be purchased through our online store.


Forrest Fenn Commemorative Treasure Chests

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Lost Wax Casting

Not only can we transform your clay or wax sculpture into a timeless material, but we can also create a reusable master to produce multiple copies with uniform detail.


While we create our own works of art, we also sculpt nearly anything for custom pieces.  These pieces can be casted in various metal materials to suit any need.

Vinnetti's uses the lost wax casting method to create Forrest Fenn's treasure chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains.  The treasure chest reproduction was created in the same fashion as the original.


First, pictures were studied so that the chest could be sculpted out of wax.  Once completed, a cast is made to preform the lost wax casting method.  The Forrest Fenn treasure chest is limited to 100.


Forrest Fenn himself was very familiar with the lost wax casting method.  He spent many years casting other artists sculptures and even made a few of his own.

To purchase your very own replica of Forrest Fenn's treasure chest, view our products page.