Our Services

Here at Vinnetti's, we are a full service foundry specializing in transforming art work into a timeless material.  In addition to our passion for Lost wax casting, we also provide services that include original works of art sculpted from clay or wax and master mold creation for multiple production.

Mold Reproduction

Silicone molds allows us to take any solid object and produce a wax duplicate. Once the object is in wax form, it continues through the process and can be delivered in nearly any metal form.

Clay Sculpting

We create our own works of art as well as meet client specifications for custom pieces.  Many of our bronze pieces start out as a clay block before an artist delivers the final creation.

Lost Wax Method

Though we specialize in Bronze, we can produce a piece in any metal thats melting point is below 2100 degrees by using the Lost Wax Casting Method.

Wax Carving

Depending on the precision requirements for the moldable art piece, different types of waxes from machinable wax to hand carving wax may be used to produce the desired outcome.